Keep a journal. 真愛每一天。


What was your hardest moment last time? (Feel like that forces pulled you from each side)Should I go with option A or option B?

For me, one thing like the ghost haunted me for at least 5 years which is the moment when I’m going to click the button (Pause 1 second) to send the email.

Do you guys have the similar experiemence as me? or ever sent the message to someone that turns you on(your expected soul mate, girl, boyfriend)

The moment between you intends to click “send” to real clicking. It usually takes 10~45 minutes sometime just don’t send….. then the one you like had already hung out with another cool who only takes 1 minute! It’s a race!

Thought > Behavior

Coming back to my object the “Business Email”.

I was stuffed for it not only during the time click the button but also after click the “send”.

From the 10 times check for the content, questions, and grammar…..(Cool it includes what we need.) After just clicking the button, wow! I found the mistake…… I remembered before OMG. just 1 second…….

Then what is coming…… a series of self-criticism, profession? credit? confident from 50 > 30………(From here to here…..)

Then this tone of confidence extends how I speak, and interact with people….

That’s not me…. What can I do? I was depressed and stressed……

## Low tone, slowly……. not real confident….

After work, I sit behind the table and turned on the night light the warm yellow light.

Enter the silent mode.

Turning point — Keeping a journal.

To continue the experience of at least 10 years that is “Keeping a journal.” (Displaying your journals — 10 more books…….)

Usually, I will start with the fact……. What I feel, observed. the challenge that I’m facing!

Secondly, to analyze it! asking why, why, why, why, and why. The question behind the question is the key to finding the contour. In another word, which is “debug”

What I’ve observed is that “There is always just one truth” from the croton of “Detective Conan”

The last one is action! What should stop and start……..

Reframed thought and behavior

I reviewed my status and intention which is the timing that the idea and proposal were rejected by the team. but this time I prepared more material and information with a strong value proposition for not only the company but also the user experience!

Mix with the way, I’m new from this cooperation, not sure what will they feel when they seeing my Email, which is the way I liked to do, with background, benefits, goal and follow up items.

It’s my way of project management I’ve trained from the previous company, I’m not sure if the team would be happy to see it. because I didn’t see it. But It’s the key to do the transparent communication, so I still did it and took 3 hours to click the button finally.

What I’ve seen from my behavior? I saw the courage and willingness to take risks which can try and implement something creative!

Secondly, I recalled what the other senior people did when they handled the question they don’t know in the meeting, they just say I don’t know it and I will find it for the team. > Cool! It’s about the iteration, I love this vibe! It’s real and supportive! like Toastmaster! I love my company and its vibe!

Third, after I woke up tomorrow. I checked with the Email. Wow! There were a ton of Emails! I was a little bit worried and excited. After I checked it, I felt satisfied and confident which I find the value! It’s fantastic! US Team members had worked! on the feature that I raised! It’s a great chance! and progress!

I got more confident from 60> 90!!!

Feel great!!!!!!!!!!


How long don’t you spend time with yourself and note together?

It’s time for a drink from ourselves! We deserve it!

Keeping a journal is a good way to visualize and re-frame our mindset!


  1. Good to sleep
  2. Feel more confident and life with meaning
  3. Wake up with strong intention.




To be the change what we must see. 正在成為世界游牧民族的路上,一邊旅行一邊記錄,住遍有溫度的空間、嘗遍有故事的咖啡廳、結交有趣的朋友。 將美好與感動的瞬間記錄下來,透過漣漪般的方式將能量分享出去。

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To be the change what we must see. 正在成為世界游牧民族的路上,一邊旅行一邊記錄,住遍有溫度的空間、嘗遍有故事的咖啡廳、結交有趣的朋友。 將美好與感動的瞬間記錄下來,透過漣漪般的方式將能量分享出去。