Let’s Dance! Make Connections Through Networking.

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Why dance? Why network?

My answer is that just having fun! You may hear some cool information or make new friends, soulmates, or business partners.

Those were my purpose and sense before I learned the project, Make Connections Through Networking.

Human beings is social animal, we cannot and do not live in isolation.

What did I learn after this project? What is social strategy? How could we make more fun together and create meaningful connections?

It is not just adopted in real social dance, but also could apply in many situations of networking.

The First, “Take the initiative” Let’s dance!

All things are difficult before they are easy.

I still remember that my first dance last year, it’s a nightmare. I was standing by the wall and kept watching dancing people ( Dancing animals XD). Tried to imitate how to dance some cool gestures e.g. Pausing & James Brown (Demo it to audience).

After 2 hours, I was still imitating……… But at that moment, one of the dancers talked to me “Let’s dance” I felt embarrassed that I said “I can’t ….. I was afraid if I’m gonna step on someone’s toes.(It truly I did not just step to her twice, it’s ten times more hahaha). She might regret it after dancing with me.

But what did I realize from her? If I never step into my comfort zone, I won’t learn it. Because imitating just imitating, You will never know if you perform the right way.

So take the initiative, ask someone to dacne~ Let’s dance? (Interacting with audiences)

Let someone know you are here, and even you need the help! Most people, 80% would like to help! There isn’t the shame in what you don’t know. As I knew about Asian culture, we’re afraid of the parts we didn’t know. (That’s almost a Gene, or blood!!) Luckily we had a good environment and organization as Toastmaster. After you ask what need(With respect and appreciation), you will figure out how pretty are those people’s hearts!

So be a leader, leading yourself first to know more knowledge and good people!

The second, Attitude.

The goal of networking is getting to know people, not necessarily gaining something.

One popular proverb from Asians “Don’t be snowflake(不要玻璃心)” means that do not quit so so early, for example, You finally plucked up yourself the courage to invite a dancing, but you had been rejected. (Sad face)

That is the daily job of sales, is there any sales here or relevant job description? What will you do?

How could I change my behavior? I will turn that hard feeling into a message, and make a joke with myself that help me to know the market more!

The third, Being helpful!

It’s not just you good at something, but what you’re enthusiastic about? What is your Market positioning? I was the class leader naturally without voting for the dancing course because I did some notes (It’s kind of my job as PM, we must write down what we saw. Because we don’t trust our brain XDDD).

Then I was invited to be DJ (After 4 months) by the studio boss because he saw me collecting cool songs(Good music! Touching heart! Drama! Funny) with some DJs.

After 6 months, I hosted the blues dancing party. Even I became the teacher for the blues trial! That’s a wonderful night, we had 30+ people joining together! I really appreciated every helper. We had a good venue so pretty, and with a low price(Because of the boss of venues like activity and something new). Even we were interviewed by 大愛 crew( Mom! I was on the TV!!) That was fantastic!

Be helpful! People will join you and support you more than you could imagine!


Be curious! Take the initiative!

The attitude that networking is getting to know people, not necessarily gaining something.

Be helpful!


Path: Strategy relationship

Project: Make Connections Through Networking


Title: Let’s Dance

Read More?

What is blues dance?

That’s impromptu dance as table topics!

Who would like it? If you feel tired, you think your soul needs to be salvaged or purified. It’s really chill and relaxed plus healthy because you will get sweat sometime!




To be the change what we must see. 正在成為世界游牧民族的路上,一邊旅行一邊記錄,住遍有溫度的空間、嘗遍有故事的咖啡廳、結交有趣的朋友。 將美好與感動的瞬間記錄下來,透過漣漪般的方式將能量分享出去。

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To be the change what we must see. 正在成為世界游牧民族的路上,一邊旅行一邊記錄,住遍有溫度的空間、嘗遍有故事的咖啡廳、結交有趣的朋友。 將美好與感動的瞬間記錄下來,透過漣漪般的方式將能量分享出去。

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